Orgasmic Meditation ( OM )

You can’t argue that combining some of the most powerful forces of the human body, namely sexuality and consciousness must produce amazing results! This is in fact what Orgasmic Meditation does; combining the potential of human consciousness with the (almost) limitless power of sexual energy. In fact it has been described by scientists as a “Mystical experience on par with a moderate psilocybin dose”. Namely that means it can create new pathways in the mind, and help you break out of your everyday habits and patterns.

One thing to note however, is that there is no orgasm involved, only sexual stimulation. Slow, repetitive and “under whelming” sexual stimulation; the kind that gets you addicted and leaves you wanting more, and more, and more; but never delivers. The idea is to use the energy generated by this “growing expectation” and direct it to expanding your consciousness.

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the art of eating delectable peaches; and the g-spot

Do you know that the lips actually swell with blood, while the entrances slowly lubricates during the phase of excitement? I mean peaches are wonderful 🙂

There are as many ways to delect on a peach; in the same way that there are a plethora of human beings and human experiences. However certain elements are almost universal; primarily enjoyment. Don’t even start if you are not enjoying yourself, if you dislike the taste, if you think it’s disgusting or if you do it solely to get something back.

The way the human nervous system is wired, the ideal way to approach sensitivity is to look at the intersection, the space between the regions of skin on the body. Where the skin changes texture and/or colour is the area where the mind will feel the most pleasure. For example on the mouth our lips are sensitive, yet the most sensitive spot is where the normal skin of the face meets the skin of the lips. Hence in the peach area, the same applies; and where the skin of the lips become the internal skin of the vagina, is another sweet spot; the same goes for the mouth area on our faces.

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Suspended time

Today as I was getting a rather way too energetic massage by a “masseuse” that was obviously more skilled at happy endings than real massages, i mean i insisted that i wanted a real massage and that i wasn’t going to pay if it was shitty.

I even stopped her and gave her a 5 minute massage so she would understand.. to which she reacted that if i continued she would fall asleep instantly.

It was a bit better afterwards, not a lot.. she still massaged bones (no no) and didn’t really slow down or put into intention into it. Of course she was tired after! Not using her body weight, going way too fast, acting probably the same way as if she was scrubbing a floor.. obviously not enjoying herself.

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When two psychics make love

A few years ago; I found myself wandering around Colombia, I wasn’t sure where I was going, or why; to be honest. In fact when I landed in this beautiful country which I had on my bucket list for multiple reasons, I didn’t have ANY plan whatsoever. The customs officer didn’t have it; i had to know where I was sleeping that night. I was kept aside until everybody had been through customs then he gave me a short lecture on how irresponsible I was. Of course I am!

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Gentle orgasms

There is a case to be made about the quality of your orgasms and it all depends on how they are “grown”, or approached.

Generally speaking people have lots of passion (or not haha) and go intensely about their sexual activity believing that intensity will eventually result in orgasms.

And so there is a tendency to push yourself or the other person towards it and “rush it out the door” if you will.

How many times I’ve heard: “yes yes don’t stop, DONT STOP 🛑” or “harder, please faster”. Or in different languages: “surtout t’arrête pas!” To be honest it annoys me generally and makes me want to slow down, if not take a break completely so we can start over haha

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Multi-layered orgasms, or orgasmic waves!

I haven’t written in years, mostly because I thought it would be better to forget about this subject of long orgasms. With recent events and changes in society in the western world, it’s become increasingly difficult to find women that have the capacity to enjoy herself enough to let go completely and indulge in pure pleasure.

However a recent visit to a world where smartphones have less than 1% penetration I’ve realized that these societal changes are actually causing a deep disturbance in women’s ability to live pleasure. In fact in that said country 100% of women I met did let go and experience long orgasms. It’s a stark contrast from the less than 1% from the recent years in Canada.

Therefore here I am again. This one is about cakes, cakes with multiple layers of “tantric” pleasure. I mention “tantric” here simply because the lover with which it happened last time likes to call it “tantric sex” ;). Basically what happened is that with a bit of persistance and proper rhythm variations, she managed to have one orgasm after the other and each time they got deeper, and deeper, and deeper; to the point where she almost passed out by the last one. She was very disoriented and needed some time to re-adjust, easily one hour, before she fully came back to herself.

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From long orgasms to Kundalini awakening

Kundalini is mythic, it’s this idea that your true self comes forward, moving from the depths of your subconscious to the surface; giving you so much energy; and the strength to become yourself. That’s the end result, but the first times it happens you actually will feel crappy, most likely, because a cleansing needs to happen first. Cleansing of your energy, of your chakras, of your beliefs; the ones you don’t need to carry anymore.

It’s an offloading, most of the time, you fall into this rather passive state where pain simply surfaces; it feels endlessly, sometimes accompanied with a minor headache, you are there; perfectly aware of what is going on, yet since all your energy is being consumed with cleansing, you can’t do much. Hold still, and wait; bear witness.

I was seeing a girl for almost 2 years, Myriam. Over time I learned of her true nature, but when the event I am about to describe happened I did not know who she really was. Still I was able to give her orgasms that lasted from a few minutes to almost 10 minutes regularly, almost every time we made love. It was beautiful, and this one time after we had a few fights in a row, she came to my lovely house and we made love in the living room in the sun repeatedly. until.. until the kundalini started flowing in her.

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But why do you care about elongated orgasms?

Whenever I talk about long orgasms, there is some kind of reaction. May it be incredulance, fascination, desire, or simply a blip, not understanding what I am talking about. The first reaction of multi-orgasmic women is: “oh I can do that”. Maybe you can have a bunch in a row, but it’s not the same thing as multiple orgasms. It’s VERY VERY different in the depth of the experience. I mean don’t get me wrong multiple orgasms are great; much deeper than regular single orgasm sexual happenings, but one orgasm can last minutes, tens of minutes, an hour. We’re not talking about the same thing at all.

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Why do you consider your orgasm as a finish line?

Where to start? First, an orgasm IS NOT a finish line. It can be so much more; but considering the state of sexual awareness and freedom in modern society, I understand why so many people treat it that way. Sex in today’s society is either glamorized (through porn, pop culture “learn 125 sex tips”) or scandalized (sexual trade, sexual tourism, pedophilia). We rarely hear anything about it concerning what lies in the middle, which is, normally, more balanced. Yet the beauty and the depth exist in this balanced state; you need calm and serenity to explore it.

To a lot of people, just ‘getting laid’ is quite the challenge. hence the need for pornography. and sex trade, etc. This is a subject that requires a in-depth exploration and I will write a post on that some other day. for now let’s concentrate on orgasms.
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Extending Female Orgasm – How To


Following yesterday’s post, I thought that maybe I could write a “how to”. You know, for those of you who haven’t slept around as much or tried as many things; everyday people, who’d like to stay normal but would still like to enjoy this little perk.

I’m not calling this Extending Female Orgasm for Dummies. Yet. hahaha.

So, here are the pointers. First, it is a two person thing, until you completely master it. The woman would need to tell her man, that moment, when she is committed to orgasm. Normally girls would say something like: “OMG! I’m going to cum”. Yeah, that moment. We guys get it too; you know how it feels. Ask her to tell you. You don’t have to explain why, just tell her you feel like trying “something”. Now guys, when your lady screams that out, this ISN’T the time to start decelerating. Although if you are really fucking good at it, you can make her go crazy if you start decelerating now, and reaccelerate, and again decelerate when she gets close again, and accelerate again and yadiyadiyada. But that would be teasing and it’s an expert move. Trust me on this for now; I know a woman or two who would slap you on the face if you did it the on the wrong day.
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