the art of eating delectable peaches; and the g-spot

Do you know that the lips actually swell with blood, while the entrances slowly lubricates during the phase of excitement? I mean peaches are wonderful 🙂

There are as many ways to delect on a peach; in the same way that there are a plethora of human beings and human experiences. However certain elements are almost universal; primarily enjoyment. Don’t even start if you are not enjoying yourself, if you dislike the taste, if you think it’s disgusting or if you do it solely to get something back.

The way the human nervous system is wired, the ideal way to approach sensitivity is to look at the intersection, the space between the regions of skin on the body. Where the skin changes texture and/or colour is the area where the mind will feel the most pleasure. For example on the mouth our lips are sensitive, yet the most sensitive spot is where the normal skin of the face meets the skin of the lips. Hence in the peach area, the same applies; and where the skin of the lips become the internal skin of the vagina, is another sweet spot; the same goes for the mouth area on our faces.

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