Multi-layered orgasms, or orgasmic waves!

I haven’t written in years, mostly because I thought it would be better to forget about this subject of long orgasms. With recent events and changes in society in the western world, it’s become increasingly difficult to find women that have the capacity to enjoy herself enough to let go completely and indulge in pure pleasure.

However a recent visit to a world where smartphones have less than 1% penetration I’ve realized that these societal changes are actually causing a deep disturbance in women’s ability to live pleasure. In fact in that said country 100% of women I met did let go and experience long orgasms. It’s a stark contrast from the less than 1% from the recent years in Canada.

Therefore here I am again. This one is about cakes, cakes with multiple layers of “tantric” pleasure. I mention “tantric” here simply because the lover with which it happened last time likes to call it “tantric sex” ;). Basically what happened is that with a bit of persistance and proper rhythm variations, she managed to have one orgasm after the other and each time they got deeper, and deeper, and deeper; to the point where she almost passed out by the last one. She was very disoriented and needed some time to re-adjust, easily one hour, before she fully came back to herself.

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