From long orgasms to Kundalini awakening

Kundalini is mythic, it’s this idea that your true self comes forward, moving from the depths of your subconscious to the surface; giving you so much energy; and the strength to become yourself. That’s the end result, but the first times it happens you actually will feel crappy, most likely, because a cleansing needs to happen first. Cleansing of your energy, of your chakras, of your beliefs; the ones you don’t need to carry anymore.

It’s an offloading, most of the time, you fall into this rather passive state where pain simply surfaces; it feels endlessly, sometimes accompanied with a minor headache, you are there; perfectly aware of what is going on, yet since all your energy is being consumed with cleansing, you can’t do much. Hold still, and wait; bear witness.

I was seeing a girl for almost 2 years, Myriam. Over time I learned of her true nature, but when the event I am about to describe happened I did not know who she really was. Still I was able to give her orgasms that lasted from a few minutes to almost 10 minutes regularly, almost every time we made love. It was beautiful, and this one time after we had a few fights in a row, she came to my lovely house and we made love in the living room in the sun repeatedly. until.. until the kundalini started flowing in her.

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