Female Squirting

It’s not a myth, and I haven’t heard a proper scientific explanation that matches my experience. Let me explain…

The latest trend in science is that squirting actually a mix of pee and “liquid from the female prostate equivalent” which is supposed to be milky.

The issue with that is as follows: squirt is not acidic; it’s slightly salty water, therefore it isn’t pee. It’s reported to contain a tiny amount of urine; as well as organic sugars, and it’s also not the slightest milky; therefore that explanation falls in the water. They pretend that during orgasm women loose control of their bladder sphincter; that it just let’s loose. However from my experience it is ejected farther down the urinary tract and with more precision than pee. A woman can literally squirt halfway across the room; no woman can pee that far, pee comes out loosely not as a concentrated stream.

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