Suspended time

Today as I was getting a rather way too energetic massage by a “masseuse” that was obviously more skilled at happy endings than real massages, i mean i insisted that i wanted a real massage and that i wasn’t going to pay if it was shitty.

I even stopped her and gave her a 5 minute massage so she would understand.. to which she reacted that if i continued she would fall asleep instantly.

It was a bit better afterwards, not a lot.. she still massaged bones (no no) and didn’t really slow down or put into intention into it. Of course she was tired after! Not using her body weight, going way too fast, acting probably the same way as if she was scrubbing a floor.. obviously not enjoying herself.

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When two psychics make love

A few years ago; I found myself wandering around Colombia, I wasn’t sure where I was going, or why; to be honest. In fact when I landed in this beautiful country which I had on my bucket list for multiple reasons, I didn’t have ANY plan whatsoever. The customs officer didn’t have it; i had to know where I was sleeping that night. I was kept aside until everybody had been through customs then he gave me a short lecture on how irresponsible I was. Of course I am!

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Gentle orgasms

There is a case to be made about the quality of your orgasms and it all depends on how they are “grown”, or approached.

Generally speaking people have lots of passion (or not haha) and go intensely about their sexual activity believing that intensity will eventually result in orgasms.

And so there is a tendency to push yourself or the other person towards it and “rush it out the door” if you will.

How many times I’ve heard: “yes yes don’t stop, DONT STOP 🛑” or “harder, please faster”. Or in different languages: “surtout t’arrête pas!” To be honest it annoys me generally and makes me want to slow down, if not take a break completely so we can start over haha

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