Orgasmic Meditation ( OM )

You can’t argue that combining some of the most powerful forces of the human body, namely sexuality and consciousness must produce amazing results! This is in fact what Orgasmic Meditation does; combining the potential of human consciousness with the (almost) limitless power of sexual energy. In fact it has been described by scientists as a “Mystical experience on par with a moderate psilocybin dose”. Namely that means it can create new pathways in the mind, and help you break out of your everyday habits and patterns.

One thing to note however, is that there is no orgasm involved, only sexual stimulation. Slow, repetitive and “under whelming” sexual stimulation; the kind that gets you addicted and leaves you wanting more, and more, and more; but never delivers. The idea is to use the energy generated by this “growing expectation” and direct it to expanding your consciousness.

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