being good in bed, being present in bed and soul depth

Over the years; some of my close friends have heard me say often: she wasn’t deep enough. What do you mean? They always thought in the physical realm, as if her pussy wasn’t deep enough and I had the biggest dick in the world. lol.

The question, of course, was “how was your night?”. My answer had nothing to do with the woman’s body, but her soul; or rather her ability to be present while having sex. I think a good analogy would be to add spices and seasoning to a dish. Most people are bland in bed, it’s an often unconscious activity driven by deep biological processes that they just can’t control at all. It happens fast, they have only one goal, to cum; preferably pretty fast. It’s hard for them to enjoy the process, the goal is more interesting… it’s a chase forward, and then it happens so fast they have a hard time knowing exactly what happened; it’s happening, it’s coming, I’m cumming woaoooaaaa.. I came. That’s it. lol.

Once in a while I meet a gem, someone with depth who enjoys the process and isn’t that focused on the end goal. Someone with delicate aromas in her soul, and different regions of the soul to explore and get acquainted with. Sex becomes an intricate process, allowing hours of exploration in different layers of entanglement. The mechanical aspect becomes less relevant, in fact it becomes the shadow of the main attraction, and is relegated to simply follow the whims of where deeper layers and subtleties of pleasure will lead the encounter.

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