the art of eating delectable peaches; and the g-spot

Do you know that the lips actually swell with blood, while the entrances slowly lubricates during the phase of excitement? I mean peaches are wonderful 🙂

There are as many ways to delect on a peach; in the same way that there are a plethora of human beings and human experiences. However certain elements are almost universal; primarily enjoyment. Don’t even start if you are not enjoying yourself, if you dislike the taste, if you think it’s disgusting or if you do it solely to get something back.

The way the human nervous system is wired, the ideal way to approach sensitivity is to look at the intersection, the space between the regions of skin on the body. Where the skin changes texture and/or colour is the area where the mind will feel the most pleasure. For example on the mouth our lips are sensitive, yet the most sensitive spot is where the normal skin of the face meets the skin of the lips. Hence in the peach area, the same applies; and where the skin of the lips become the internal skin of the vagina, is another sweet spot; the same goes for the mouth area on our faces.

If you have patience, and anybody with sufficient love inside has patience, it turns out that teasing and light, delicate touches have much more impact (in most cases :0) than strong, insistant contact. Light, teasing touches on those areas that intersect between lips and body skin, and lips and internal skin… doubly so.

There is also excitement derived from a strong, insistant depiction of desire, of “i want you”. A woman is biologically wired to at first resist and then let go when a man demonstrates an intense, consistant and persistent aspiration to conquer her. When a man demonstrates strength by overtaking a woman physically, that is also biologically wired to excitement; in this fashion when I tell someone to take his time, maybe at first you’ll want to dominate and once that domination has been established it can be more appreciated if you start taking your time; context is key, and the general character of the people involved has a great influence.

If the owner of the peach needs to be dominated, I suggest doing so until you tie her up, and then take it slowly ;p.. there is always a way to combine the iron hand with the satin glove; you know what I mean.

Personally, I am so sensitive to the pleasure that the other person feels that I can get an orgasm simply by eating and playing with a woman’s pussy. Her pleasure is reflected on my soul and without any touches and stimulation I can cum. It’s a great feeling, I need to be close to the person to desire such an intimate connection, obviously it’s not only the pleasure that translates into me. However this privilege has allowed me to understand when what I do is “good” and when it’s “bad”.

I used to be obsessed with getting a woman to cum, now not so much; that too has allowed me to be more playful and discover thousands of roads to explore on the quest of feasting on a peach.

Now, as for the G spot. I like to think that the G Spot is the back side of the clitoris, however it seems from this 3D representation that it’s not entirely true. Somehow, it might be that it’s the backside of the bladder that is sensitive. If you think of the tip of the clitoris as the top right part of the G and follow the fold inside of the vagina by touching the roof and finding where it bends back, the G spot is actually the flat part of the G. As if you are hooking your finger on the roof of the vagina and pulling back towards yourself.

This spot is universally sensitive, and if you approach it properly it is exactly where to play to get a woman to ejaculate.

Hence the path to reach it is actually in the letter describing it, the G. I won’t get into detail about female ejaculation here, maybe I’ll write about that in another post. What I can say is that the texture varies widely inside peaches, some are smooth, some have a lot of texture, it doesn’t really affect pleasure on the female side of the experience, but it can definitely influence pleasure for the man by increasing friction.

To properly stimulate the G spot you can use the two middle fingers of one hand, while the side fingers rest on top of the pubis, and use the other hand to push slightly on the lower abdomen and push and pull in an upward motion; you can also move the inner fingers sideways for lateral stimulation.

Now if you combine G-spot stimulation with tongue action around the pussy, on the lips, on the tips of the clitoris….

About the tip of the clitoris, many women don’t like direct contact, they prefer indirect contact, but again this is contextual. Other women would like you to spread the lips to completely expose their clitoris and might get angry at you for not understanding this. The one thing that is universal is lubrication, you really want lubrication. You can also try sucking on the clitoris, at the right moment of arousal you’ll get quite a lot of positive feedback.

I personally like to suck on the clitoris while stimulating the G spot laterally with some strength at the right moment of arousal, it brings an almost unbelievable amount of pleasure to woman which some find unbearable; but .. again do it gently and you’ll get better results; learn to slow down the right way, at the right moment, and you might actually bring your partner to incredible spiritual heights. 😉

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