Orgasmic Meditation ( OM )

You can’t argue that combining some of the most powerful forces of the human body, namely sexuality and consciousness must produce amazing results! This is in fact what Orgasmic Meditation does; combining the potential of human consciousness with the (almost) limitless power of sexual energy. In fact it has been described by scientists as a “Mystical experience on par with a moderate psilocybin dose”. Namely that means it can create new pathways in the mind, and help you break out of your everyday habits and patterns.

One thing to note however, is that there is no orgasm involved, only sexual stimulation. Slow, repetitive and “under whelming” sexual stimulation; the kind that gets you addicted and leaves you wanting more, and more, and more; but never delivers. The idea is to use the energy generated by this “growing expectation” and direct it to expanding your consciousness.

Now unfortunately it seems this is exclusively directed towards women as there seems to be no documented method on how to apply the concept to men. There is however a very clear and concise protocol for women, as well as an institute/foundation namely: the Institute of OM Foundation; which promotes the health benefits of this practice.

The Western Guru

Here is TEDx Talk given to the (now indicted) Guru and founder of OneTaste who used to charge 150$ for 15 minutes Orgasmic Meditation sessions and encourage her “employees” who sometimes were not paid, to actually have sex with the clients. 😉

While VICE Magazine picked up on the subject way back in 2013, it reached its peak of popularity a few years later, and in 2018 a big scandal broke out; and this year (2023) the founders and some sales people of the OneTaste company (founded in 2004) were indicted by the FBI for running a cult-like conspiracy organization; … and using ‘forced labor’. All of this to say, as with almost anything related to sexuality, it had it’s share of controversies, which were turned into a Netflix Movie!


Still, it does produce health benefits as highlighted by recent research which demonstrated that it is particularly helpful for processing emotions, past traumas, and unblocking the sensation of “oneness” with the world.


Personal Experience

I’ve had the pleasure to practice (give) this to a handful of women over the years. It can help have sexual experiences where we felt closer, and in some cases can help woman who have issues with penetration. I didn’t find it to be a “fix” to this problem, but maybe with repetition.. who knows!


  1. You need a woman, who is willing to lay bare from the waist down.
  2. You need another person, that this woman trusts to touch her privates. The second person doesn’t get any benefits, direct or indirect and is clearly a ‘giver’.
  3. You also need a quiet, private and comfortable space, the woman will lie down and the other person will sit close to her waist.


  1. The first step is for the man to describe the woman’s genitals, in a preferably positive way. Describe the overall appearance, the lips, the vulva, the clitoris.
  2. Then to make his/her way up the woman’s thigh’s gently and apply either his left or right thumb at the entrance of the vagina.
  3. Finally with one of the fingers of the other hand (preferably the dominating hand) you’ll want to apply lube to it, you stroke the clitoris in a circular fashion, no harder than you would stroke an eyeball, that is extremely gently. Preferably slowly as well, however you need to create some sort of sexual reaction/desire in the woman, so you’ll need to gauge the intensity and speed to have a reaction. Once you do, stick to this rythm for 15 minutes.
  4. In some cases you can have a very slight movement in and out, on the lips of the vagina. Not too far in; make it slow.

Now some people pretend it’s important to reach orgasm, I do understand the appeal of that, however in my opinion and experience I think it’s important to NOT accelerate/go harder to cause orgasm. If it happens, it happens.

The idea is to use the sexual stimulation/energy to go further into meditation than a person normally can. Further and deeper since the sexual energy will keep you very awake, very present; so use that state of consciousness to go beyond the usual limitations in the discovery of self.

The finale

I’ve never had an experience of orgasmic meditation that didn’t turn into sex; however in most cases I think it doesn’t have to. Personally I would love it if one day a woman would dare to do this to me.

Proposed protocol for men

Yes I’m making this up right now. 😉

You could replace the clitoris by the tip of the penis and the entrance of the vagina with the balls, probably holding them gently and massaging them. I’d suggest running fingers just below the tip of the penis where there is a “change” of skin texture from ‘normal skin’, in scientific terms they call it the corona, which sits at the base of the glans penis.

Final Word

Orgasmic Meditation should have been called something else.. maybe “sexual tension meditation”; but you know that the main purpose of giving names to things is to actual make you believe they are more than reality admits. It’s a powerful method of meditation, I think it can be quite good for woman who can’t focus on meditation normally; however it requires a ‘giver’ who has a certain amount of discipline to not just indulge into the moment and forget all about meditation.

Personally I would combine I would start with a full body massage, then do orgasmic meditation, then meditate face to face while I am inside my partner, try to synchronize the breathing; then for those who can make their sexual organs pulsate, do some of that for a while and finally give my partner a long, really long orgasm. I think that would be great! 😉

Sometimes, after great, amazing sex, I fall into trance too :p

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