Suspended time

Today as I was getting a rather way too energetic massage by a “masseuse” that was obviously more skilled at happy endings than real massages, i mean i insisted that i wanted a real massage and that i wasn’t going to pay if it was shitty.

I even stopped her and gave her a 5 minute massage so she would understand.. to which she reacted that if i continued she would fall asleep instantly.

It was a bit better afterwards, not a lot.. she still massaged bones (no no) and didn’t really slow down or put into intention into it. Of course she was tired after! Not using her body weight, going way too fast, acting probably the same way as if she was scrubbing a floor.. obviously not enjoying herself.

When you give a massage you need to relax. You need to enjoy yourself otherwise you might as well do something else. There’s no point otherwise! If the giver doesn’t relax, the receiver won’t relax either. If there is no conscious intention the effects will be tepid at best.

All that led me to fantasize about stopping time, you know those moments when you engage into sexual intercourse and time slows down, more and more until at some point it feels like it has completely stopped? THAT! Her massage today was the polar opposite… Rushed, awkward, naïve and unfocused.

Love is the essential ingredient, love exists outside of time entirely. Your heart knows nothing about time, it only knows how to ignore time entirely. This is, in fact, so misunderstood that it causes some of the biggest pains in heartbreaks. Let me explain..

Real love is forever! Yet it’s not. Is it? But it FEELS like forever. Because real love exists outside of time, and then something happens.. the ego steps in. The mind steps in and takes control and does what the mind does best. It projects this feeling forward, but how can you project the feeling of existing outside of time forward in time? It’s not possible! That’s when the biggest mistake happens, the mind interprets this failure of projection: to exist as “forever”. It has no end, it had no beginning, it simply doesn’t live in “time” so it’s forever.

Real love is forever.. but how come so many times it turns into heartbreak after feeling like real love? Was it an illusion? Did the other person fake it? How is this possible?

It’s possible. And no it wasn’t an illusion, if you felt it; it was real. The problem is the projection, the interpretation that it has to be forever. It doesn’t. It just exists outside of time. That’s it. Love will last as long as your nourish it, cultivate it, maintain it, enhance it, cherish it. It has no obligation to you to last forever!

Inevitably .. I’ll turn this topic into an exploration of sexuality. There exists an experience where this love is brought into love making. In that moment time slows, is stretched so thin that you could just relax and enjoy and never leave. Like a slow morning on a perfect beach with ideal weather, a slow sunrise over a foggy ocean. Time has stopped, you are in heaven, no end in sight.

Making love is also timeless, there is no hurry. You want to know if you are making love or having sex? Just observe how you feel about time.. do you feel like this moment can last forever? If you answered yes.. then you are making love. If you feel like it could last forever and you want it to last forever then even deeper is the moment. Extend it, stretch it, slow down, relax into it, let the pleasure bloom instead of rushing it. Let the orgasms take forever to emerge, dance into the movements, into the friction, the tenderness and the roughness, float, delight.

Let the pleasure sink deep into your flesh, into your muscles, into your bones, into every cell of your body. Dig into it, with no end in sight, saturate your consciousness into it. Dive deep into the soul of your partner, share your breaths, share the movements, melt into each other. Become one and as one continue this beautiful awakening, breathe, thrust, delight, touch, taste. Feel. Feel every movement, every desire, every gesture.

Keep slowing down, keep relaxing and once in a while re-activate.


Fill your soul, fill her/his soul. Let love erupt!

If you slow down enough, entangled with moments of passion, who knows you might stay there forever!

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