When two psychics make love

A few years ago; I found myself wandering around Colombia, I wasn’t sure where I was going, or why; to be honest. In fact when I landed in this beautiful country which I had on my bucket list for multiple reasons, I didn’t have ANY plan whatsoever. The customs officer didn’t have it; i had to know where I was sleeping that night. I was kept aside until everybody had been through customs then he gave me a short lecture on how irresponsible I was. Of course I am!

Needless to say, about twenty minutes later I was picked up by women in their 40s at the cash machine because THEY HAD A PLAN. ๐Ÿ˜‰ My only idea was having threesomes, lots of threesomes.

Anyways long story short, I stayed with them for a while, went on a few excursions, ended up in San Gil which was extremely nice; I remember meeting two swedes, Caroline and Ebba… over whom I was daydreaming a lot about.. To my surprise she was as into me as I was into her, it was a good time. ๐Ÿ™‚ A bit later, somehow, I wound up in Bogota. I was surprised, I liked the city, and went on Tinder, you know, because. I matched with a local woman whom I thought was in her early 30s, her description didn’t say much really.

We went on a date, and in fact she was covered in superficial bling, wearing jeans too tight for her body that was at least ten years older than the pictures on Tinder. We had a hard time communicating, her english wasn’t that good, and my spanish is ok but she preferred to speak in english, subjects weren’t converging and the flow was broken to bits. After a while, I decided it was enough, but then for some reason I decided to kiss her; you know, why not?

Woa. She’s psychic, how come I didn’t feel that before? Hidden under all the superficiality I guess. Marcella was her name, on social media she goes by the name of Marcella TRUTH. A psychic truth-seeker, sounds like me. I asked, do you want to come to my place? It wasn’t even dark yet lol, maybe 7h30pm. She said: ok.

We went, and we got undressed, and .. we made love. omg. OMG. OH MY GOD. It was so powerful, so true, so deep. Her pleasure resonated in me, my pleasure resonated in her, it was so synchronized, so harmonious. I didn’t know such a thing was even remotely possible.

Yet that was only the beginning, because as we got aligned, the reverberation became close to infinite. Have you even been between two mirrors facing each other and seeing infinite reflections of yourself? Now try to imagine that about pleasure, with two people, that reflect into infinity.

I would touch her lips, she would shiver, I would shiver, she would shiver, I would shiver, again and again and again, from just one touch. I would trust myself in, slowly, and feel the reverberations; practically infinite, and eventually I could master the art of playing different tunes of reverberation at once, everything shook so deep inside. At some point it was like the whole rainbow of feelings was reverberating between these two mirrors, our two souls; completely devoid of obstacles or interpretations. simply pure pleasure with no distinction.

I was touched so deeply, so powerfully, I never wanted it to end. This must be the stuff paradise is made of.

Eventually we had an orgasm together, the whole universe shook in unison with our bodies, I could hardly believe what had just happened; we had to do it again, restart the reflection of rainbows, feel pure ecstasy multiplied to infinity.

I never saw her again. The next day when I looked into peoples eyes, I could feel their soul laid bare, all filters had disappeared. I wish she had slept next to me, but she had to go take care of her pets.

The story of meeting Marcella TRUTH.

After this day, when I went on dates, I’d stare at women’s lips; hoping to find Marcella’s lips. To this day, I haven’t relived that experience, I’m still hoping :p

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