Gentle orgasms

There is a case to be made about the quality of your orgasms and it all depends on how they are “grown”, or approached.

Generally speaking people have lots of passion (or not haha) and go intensely about their sexual activity believing that intensity will eventually result in orgasms.

And so there is a tendency to push yourself or the other person towards it and “rush it out the door” if you will.

How many times I’ve heard: “yes yes don’t stop, DONT STOP 🛑” or “harder, please faster”. Or in different languages: “surtout t’arrête pas!” To be honest it annoys me generally and makes me want to slow down, if not take a break completely so we can start over haha

As it turns out there is another way, where instead of pushing, you simply prepare the environment to welcome the orgasm and let it come at its own convenience. When it’s ready to explode, when it can’t be held inside any longer. It bursts out of you like a big flower bloom, awaiting to take it’s first breath and feel fresh air for the first time of it’s existence.

And so how? Simply by slightly under delivering 😈 on the expectation of lust and passion 🔥. Simply by breathing💨 into it, slowly, feeling every movement and every millimeter of friction, tasting the glide as if it was the most delicate of dishes prepared for you by world renowned chefs, to create a unique sensation filling all your perception!

In this process of delicacy and indulgence exists both presence and space, you are creating space inside of you to accumulate pleasure and you are appreciating the sensations and therefore amplifying them immensely. At some point you won’t be able to hold it in any longer and it will explode out into he world like the most copious and extravagant of flowers blooming, exposing fresh and delicate petals, filled with morning dew, for the first time!

Of course you can go hard, go slow, be intense, even mix it in bdsm. The point is NOT TO PUSH the orgasm, to take your time, to be passionate and intense with delicate gloves and no end goal in sight.

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