But why do you care about elongated orgasms?

Whenever I talk about long orgasms, there is some kind of reaction. May it be incredulance, fascination, desire, or simply a blip, not understanding what I am talking about. The first reaction of multi-orgasmic women is: “oh I can do that”. Maybe you can have a bunch in a row, but it’s not the same thing as multiple orgasms. It’s VERY VERY different in the depth of the experience. I mean don’t get me wrong multiple orgasms are great; much deeper than regular single orgasm sexual happenings, but one orgasm can last minutes, tens of minutes, an hour. We’re not talking about the same thing at all.

The excitement is different, more tamed, deeper reaching, entranced. It becomes it’s own rhythm, goes by its own rules. It digs deep into your soul, clears the space with a consistent, powerful jet of love. Clearing out doubt, shame, hurts; any type of hurt. It cleans, cleanses, soothes. It opens up clogged pathways, forgotten possibilities, it re-activates creativity. A soul soothing experience, bearing confidence and trust. All the while sharing connected space with a loving partner; there is no such beautiful thing.

I an inhabited by a horrible daemon, that grew through sexual abuse and torture in early, very early childhood; and my way to channel this energy is to give pleasure, deep pleasure; pleasure as deep as my pain is, it creates a counter balance and makes me feel at home; loved, happy, wonderful. The longer I can make this moment last; the better I feel. There is nothing like living this with someone you love, assuming the person you love is capable; has a deep enough soul. It is possible to live it also with people you care about, even if momentarily. Offering them a glimpse of their potential sexual pleasure & spiritual please.

Yes this is why I do it, why I care about it. Those moments are beautiful, joy filled and exciting. And I want more of them. As many as possible; as often as possible until the day that the pain inside will have subsided. Until the day that all of the women in the world will have understood the true power of sexuality and caring; the true bliss. well maybe not all the women in the world, but I figure it’ll grow and expand as a movement beyond me. I sure hope so 🙂


original artwork (c) HalcyoneDays

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