The 30 minutes orgasm

I often come across as someone who seems so convinced, so obviously certain about what I am talking about. That conviction as it turns out isn’t a gift from the gods, it stems in a quite unique soul life path. We all have a unique one, we’ve all been different things in different lives. It goes back far, really far. All the way to being a rock, or a grain of salt, or sand.

Since I started writing about sex on my blog I’ve been on the quest to make orgasms last longer, it’s a fun thing to play with; most of the time. Somehow deep inside I was convinced that there was a way to get people to stick in the orgasmic phase of pleasure for an unlimited length of time. I just knew it was possible; how exactly I wasn’t sure. In all honesty, and this might seem distorted to anybody who hasn’t read my biography, I’ve come to that understanding when I was being abused with my head under water; so basically being abused and drowned at the same time.

So last year, during spring and summer I wrote a few blog posts.

And I tried on a few of my lovers; at different levels; or pushing the enveloppe and/or keeping them in the orgasmic phase.

Now before I go any further, I'm not a magician; nor do I pretend to be the only actor in this. Every sexual act requires two partners, who care (hopefully) about each other at least a little bit, and who have chemistry together. I also have lovers whom I've never been able to bring to orgasm at all; and to be honest I am completely ok with that. The woman has, and always will have "le dernier mot" in this story. If the chemistry is good, the passions align and there is significant confidence you can make your woman cum. At the same time, all these ingredients can be there and orgasm isn't reached, and for some other women only passion is necessary...

The key is to keep the pleasure level just underneath the other partners expectation. Basically the key is to slow down, just lightly, the whole time. Give her pleasure, just what is enough to keep her coming closer to the climax. In one of the previous blog posts I referred the act of “surfing” in rafting; a skill that I got better at this summer. I find the two to be very closely related; to surf a raft you have to come in at the right angle, with the right speed and react properly with the wave to stay inside it. Now some waves are easier to surf, others are harder. Some will keep you there forever (happened to me this summer too). Others, well, you’ll work really hard to stay in them.

All of these analogies are true with the orgasmic state and women. You have to come in slowly, at the right speed, synchronizing your movements with their “pleasure ability”, “passion level” and “strength / sensitivity”. In other words this is an art, there is no recipe that will fit all woman.

Again, you want to come in just underneath her expectation level, like a sneaky little fellah, make her pleasure grow, get her walking on the path to orgasm but slowing her down as much as possible at the right moment, at the right pace. So that by the time she does reach orgasm, she’s not moving much anymore.

Another way to see it is, the eternal tease; but that moves forward just a bit, once in a while. You tease until she begs for you to take the next step, and you keep teasing a bit more, going slightly further, building her expectation but NEVER meeting it full on.

I had one lover with whom I would extend her orgasms, but to her it was unbearable almost; because it is such a powerful experience. It becomes almost painful; and so she started being completely silent in bed, trying to hold all her expressions of pleasure so I couldn’t “read” her and extend her orgasms. But I still did, because I feel the other person’s pleasure inside of me, I don’t read it on their physiology or hear it through their expressions.

The soul, when clean, is like a mirror. It mirrors the entire universe if you want; or some specific moments and or event/thing/being/energy. My mirror, when focused on a particular woman during intimate and passionate moments, is mirroring her completely. She cannot hide anything.

After a while I stopped trying to extend women orgasms. You can think of it as this artist, musician, trying to find an exquisite symphony; but not finding an instrument that can handle it. That’s how I’ve always seen, pictured it. I often, in my head, verbalize that as playing a symphony, on the emotional instrument that is the other being; through passion and sensations.

In the last few months I’ve become very sensitive to the effects of orgasm on women. I haven’t observed men having orgasm, the effect could be similar. What I’m about to describe I have witnessed both while women would masturbate, when a woman had sex with me, and when I would use a dildo to make a woman cum. (it turns out I really like doing that.. it’s fascinating!).

Basically, sexual energy is the strongest form of energy in the human boy. You are born through sex, sex is on your mind every day, every hour, every few minutes. And that energy, when released through orgasms, moved up the chakras to the heart. And so in almost all the cases I’ve observed, the sexual energy during orgasm will move up the chakras to the heart and open it wide. It cleans the heart, in some way, and opens it wide and large. During extended orgasms this effect is exponentially amplified; the cleansing function builds up and up and up. It is such a beautiful event to witness; I am very grateful for that.

Last week, I stumbled upon an instrument that could handle, and it somehow magically happened. I wasn’t inside her, I did it all with my hands, and kissing and groping and pulling of the hair, and biting too. of course. I love biting hahaha. She stayed in the orgasmic state easily half an hour of time, her heart clearing and expanding; it was beautiful. Her neighbours know all about it now, they could, I am sure, tell you about it. lol.

It felt so good to me, because all along I’ve known this, in a way that I couldn’t describe. I was searching, looking for that. And suddenly, boom, it happened. I was in awe, I could hardly believe it was happening, her heart was expanding, clearing, cleaning. It was such an amazing experience for me, and I kept her there, expanding on the movements to the exquisite sensational symphony I was playing on her, like a true master of the art.

Thank you, for allowing it to happen. Thank you, for being strong enough in your soul to handle all that pleasure. Thank you for confirming my gut feeling, my intuition, my conviction. 🙂 Hoorrah! and to women’s orgasms, I lift a glass of pure awareness, may you all come to experience such joy and powerful pleasure.



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