Breaking your way to real orgasm

Break break!! Break this, break that. Take breaks and reach orgasms everytime 🙂

What do

  • breaking the rythm,
  • break beats,
  • breaking expectations,
  • breaking patterns

Have in common with orgasms? A whole lot due to th forward thinking nature of today’s life.

The big deal with orgasms is that, just like sleep, you need to be completely present to really enjoy them. If you are projecting yourself forward; they are harder to really appreciate. Although in a lot of cases people cheat this by using their imagination during the act to enhance it and get more out of it, you’ll get much more out of sex if you use breaks. All kinds of breaks, every kind of break.

Although the following technique will deliver outstanding results, you should know that there are required conditions. First, you need to like the person you are naked with, second you need to have most pending issues resolved; otherwise those issues WILL SURFACE during this practice. Being in the moment is wonderful, and it brings unparalelled levels of bliss; but you need to be true to reach it. True to yourself, and true to the person you are with. Otherwise they will also work but it will backfire a bit; not that a bit of fighting is bad during intercourse (it surfaces passion) just be ready for it. And if you get to that point, I strongly suggest screaming, light pushing around, let it out. Be true. Truth is love is bliss. Ok enough with warnings…

Build and break
Lets just pretend you are building a rythm, right away something can become predictable your partner most likely starts projecting him/herself into the oncoming pleasure; well as soon as he/she does that, break it. Make your partner come back to the here/now space. How? Simply slow down, if you are a romantic, slow down gradually but make it obvious, make a point of it. A big huge point of it, you need to grab her/his attention. This is crucial.

How much should I slow down? For how long?
As soon as you’ve got their attention, play with their body, and keep it slow. They might react, they might want to take over and push back into a predictable rythm. Do everything in your power to keep him/her under your control and dictate the break, make it last. Make it last and diversify the sensual pleasure, with kisses, biting, slapping, caresses; whatever you are into. You want their attention. And then…

Build and break and repeat, and repeat, and repeat
Build another rythm. And break it again. Slow down. Make them freak the fuck out. You want them raw, you want their entire attention all of it so that when YOU decide to deliver they are 100% with you; in that moment. The more you repeat, the more present your partner will become, the stronger their orgasm and the more fulfilling it will be. AND the easier it will be to synchronise your orgasms. Actually it will become trivial to synchronize.

And then when you deliver make it worthwhile, make it last.

Extra (pro) tip
While doing this, be unpredictable. The more unpredictable you are (read: spontaneous) the better the results. Let go, forget everything; become the passion, become the act, become your vagina being penetrated, become your skin being touched, become your tonge exploring the other person’s body; become your lips being bitten. Become the act and let go. And randomly and spontaneously provoke breaks in the act to bring both of you even more in the present moment.

Good wishes
Have good thanksgiving sex, in the washroom at your uncle’s, in the car parked in somebody’s driveway on the way to the family reunion. Make it there happy, fulfilled, feeling ecstatic.

Make those family reunions count! Everyone of them. Show up your best self, your most relaxed self. Share the best of you; and feel free to comment and leave your reactions. Sharing is caring!

— Lucid

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