Extending Female Orgasm – How To


Following yesterday’s post, I thought that maybe I could write a “how to”. You know, for those of you who haven’t slept around as much or tried as many things; everyday people, who’d like to stay normal but would still like to enjoy this little perk.

I’m not calling this Extending Female Orgasm for Dummies. Yet. hahaha.

So, here are the pointers. First, it is a two person thing, until you completely master it. The woman would need to tell her man, that moment, when she is committed to orgasm. Normally girls would say something like: “OMG! I’m going to cum”. Yeah, that moment. We guys get it too; you know how it feels. Ask her to tell you. You don’t have to explain why, just tell her you feel like trying “something”. Now guys, when your lady screams that out, this ISN’T the time to start decelerating. Although if you are really fucking good at it, you can make her go crazy if you start decelerating now, and reaccelerate, and again decelerate when she gets close again, and accelerate again and yadiyadiyada. But that would be teasing and it’s an expert move. Trust me on this for now; I know a woman or two who would slap you on the face if you did it the on the wrong day.

What you’d need to do is time her, feel her, and WATCH how long it takes, how she feels, from the moment she exclaims she is going to cum to the moment where the ecstasy happens. Watch carefully, and watch carefully a few times; not just once. It won’t take the same amount of time every time. Sometimes it’ll last longer, sometimes less. But you need to be in tune with her, with your role in bringing her from “oh shit I’m going to cum” to her actually cumming. Get it? Well if you don’t, I can’t help you. really. I mean it. PAY MORE ATTENTION. BE MORE PRESENT. When you learn meditation you learn exactly that, if this is an excuse to get you closer to a meditative state, then good. If you choose to remain a brute, stubborn and insensitive, then close this browser window and go read news about Rihanna twerking.

Hmm, ok. So you’ve “studied” your girlfriend/wife/partner (gosh I hate the word ‘partner’). You know more or less how long it takes her on average. If you know more than this, better.

so here is the trick. You have to wait to the latest possible moment. Remember, an orgasm for most people is a finish line. How long do you take to cross a finish line? The act of “crossing it”. Ok I know. I just had an idea. Your window of opportunity is between the moment when her body goes into contact with the finish line “oh shit, I’m cuming”, to the moment when the finish line rips in two. This is window A. At first you’ll need to play in that window. At first the line stretches, stretches, stretches, until it rips.

Window B (more advanced) is between the time when the line starts ripping in two, and the time it actually splits. It is a very very tiny fraction of a second. Ideally, you would start decelerating THEN. In the real world, it will take you many tries; and you have to relearn completely with each woman. And it will not work with every girl. You cannot do this without complete trust between the two of you.

For the first times, as practice, after you’ve watched your girl go from “oh my god it’s cumming” to her final screams, just wait a second or two after her signal and start decelerating. But decelerate SLOWLY => which means SLOW DOWN SLOWLY. She has to feel the slowing down in you pulling out, ie your speed of pulling out needs to slow down while doing it. If you want to tease, accelerate in the go in, decelerate on the pulling out, but still keeping a general decelerating trend. I know this might sound technical; it might be. hahaha.

And keep at it, until she hopefully cums. If she doesn’t, you haven’t lost anything yet, in fact it’s probably a good thing too. Just go at it again until she commits to orgasm again.

Now when she starts cumming, sllllooowww the fuck down the first time. And then find the ultimate speed. There is a perfect speed for each woman. There is even a perfect speed for each mood of a woman. That precision is key if you dare to reach beyond 10 seconds.

So why do all this? Well I feel a woman’s pleasure as if it was happening to me. That’s my motivation. And that is how I managed to discover these tricks; the more pleasure she gets, the more I get. As for the non psychic out there, do it out of love. Woman are awesome, when you take care of your woman you’ll definitely benefit from it.

Think of it like when you were doing it for the first time, I don’t know how old you were, but it doesn’t matter. Think of it like 2 teenagers exploring, playing, enjoying. Add play to it. Add smiles, laughter. The more laughter, and smiles, and love, the more there will be trust. And the more trust there is, the more chances you have at succeeding.

So that’s one of my secrets. Now I need to discover new ones 🙂


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