Breaking your way to real orgasm

Break break!! Break this, break that. Take breaks and reach orgasms everytime 🙂

What do

  • breaking the rythm,
  • break beats,
  • breaking expectations,
  • breaking patterns

Have in common with orgasms? A whole lot due to th forward thinking nature of today’s life.

The big deal with orgasms is that, just like sleep, you need to be completely present to really enjoy them. If you are projecting yourself forward; they are harder to really appreciate. Although in a lot of cases people cheat this by using their imagination during the act to enhance it and get more out of it, you’ll get much more out of sex if you use breaks. All kinds of breaks, every kind of break.

Although the following technique will deliver outstanding results, you should know that there are required conditions. First, you need to like the person you are naked with, second you need to have most pending issues resolved; otherwise those issues WILL SURFACE during this practice. Being in the moment is wonderful, and it brings unparalelled levels of bliss; but you need to be true to reach it. True to yourself, and true to the person you are with. Otherwise they will also work but it will backfire a bit; not that a bit of fighting is bad during intercourse (it surfaces passion) just be ready for it. And if you get to that point, I strongly suggest screaming, light pushing around, let it out. Be true. Truth is love is bliss. Ok enough with warnings…

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