Why do you consider your orgasm as a finish line?

Where to start? First, an orgasm IS NOT a finish line. It can be so much more; but considering the state of sexual awareness and freedom in modern society, I understand why so many people treat it that way. Sex in today’s society is either glamorized (through porn, pop culture “learn 125 sex tips”) or scandalized (sexual trade, sexual tourism, pedophilia). We rarely hear anything about it concerning what lies in the middle, which is, normally, more balanced. Yet the beauty and the depth exist in this balanced state; you need calm and serenity to explore it.

To a lot of people, just ‘getting laid’ is quite the challenge. hence the need for pornography. and sex trade, etc. This is a subject that requires a in-depth exploration and I will write a post on that some other day. for now let’s concentrate on orgasms.
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The red hot myth of the dripping pussy

For the record, I’m writing this for women out there. And indirectly for me, because. Well, if you read through you’ll understand.

As a woman, and as a man, I am sure you’ve lived an experience like this before: the man approaches the woman with his 6 inch intention clearly outlined by a bulge in his pants, and when you lean against the woman’s body the woman can feel his intentions even more clearly. He’s turned on, like hard on.

Have you ever thought, or lived the opposite situation? I mean only in extreme cases could you ever see a woman’s sexual intentions through her pants, and hard nipples can be a sign of many different things. But what about a naked woman leaning against a naked man and pussy juice dripping on the man’s leg? You think I am crazy right?

Well. No. It’s been happening to me rather frequently lately, and not from just one of my lovers but from many of them; but all of them have one point in common, I have introduced all of them to orgasmic meditation.

Orgasmic Meditation (or OM)? What is that? That, my friend is an incredible feeling of a liberated woman, who feels empowered by her sexual blossoming and freedom; the freedom to love sex for sex, to be allowed to indulge into sexual pleasure without guilt, without judgement, with no fear. If you are monogamous, she can do that with just her man, although I’d tend to argue that monogamy is a mistake; I’m not here to convince you it is. I am here to convince you that Orgasmic Meditation has a very powerful transformative effect on women and their ability to live pleasure. To not feel like sex is supposed to be used to keep her man close by, or as a way to get through in life in some situations, sex is a means to exquisite pleasure and ecstasy; limitless pleasure. And that pleasure will be shared with one or many men, radiating through all spheres of life, all forms of personal empowerment.

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